macOS Basics. No experience necessary.

This macOS skills course will provide you with an understanding of macOS - the operating system that comes along with every Apple Mac computer.

macOS Desktop
macOS Basics

Learn to use your Mac with this one-on-one session delivered 100% online.

  • Use macOS to perform basic tasks.
  • Know how to use Finder to organise folders and files.
  • Use standard Mac apps like Safari, Mail, TextEdit and Preview.

About Neil
IT Professional

With over 18+ years in the media industry, Neil has been working with Apple Macs since the days of the G3, the G4 and the infamous dancing iMac.

He started his career in the IT education industry and is still passionate about training others in technology.

With this hands-on course your will learn to navigate and organise your files through Finder, launch and work with the included Apple applications and use the Internet effectively.

Who this course is for:

  • Those new to macOS
  • Those looking to refresh their macOS skills

Delivery Style

  • Hands on one-on-one training done remotely over the Internet
  • About 1 hour

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Setting up our training environment

  • A tour of your Mac
  • The Menu Bar
  • Launching, Quitting and Switching between Apps
  • Using the keyboard
  • Using the trackpad

  • Finder Window Views
  • File and Folder Organisation
  • The Desktop
  • Searching For Files using Spotlight
  • System Files and Folders

  • Apple ID
  • iCloud
  • Find My

  • Customizing the Dock
  • Creating, Saving and Opening Documents
  • Installing Apps and the App Store
  • Uninstalling Apps

  • Safari Basics
  • Bookmarks and History
  • Browser Upkeep

  • System Preferences Tour
  • Desktop Backgrounds, Screensaver and Dark Mode
  • Notification Center
  • System and Software Information

  • You should already know the very basics, such as being able to use a mouse/trackpad and keyboard.
  • You should have a Mac computer to learn on.
  • Your computer should be connected to the broadband internet or higher
  • You should be able to install a small software that will allow us to work with your computer remotely and securely.